I am a writer and theatre performer/filmmaker based in London. I am interested in writing that explores queer experiences, feminism, mental health and our complex relationships with ourselves. 

The piece is essentially a "mini-podcast", a story based around an incident that happened to me and my girlfriend on the London Underground during Pride Month.  We were recorded by a man without our consent while we were holding hands. It seemed like a small thing at the time, but I wondered if we had been a straight, cis pair whether this would have happened to us? I want to question what it means to have PDA policed, and how we need to be fully seen as people who experience love and desire. That means we should be allowed to hold hands in our city without fear of being shamed and laughed at. This piece is connected to Queering Camden because it shares a message of hope and calls for representation and action. I am so grateful for these safe LGBTQIA+ spaces where I feel my work will be fully appreciated and shared with our awesome communities.