Over the course of a month, 5 artists and collectives were commissioned to create a piece for the digital exhibition inspired by the stories of the Queering Camden map or by their own experiences of the borough. These pieces are both celebrations of Camden's complex queer history and imaginings of its possible futures.

While sometimes its easy to believe that Camden's LGBTQ+ community is declining because of the loss of physical spaces, the borough is home to some of London's most vibrant queer work. The curation of this exhibition takes its inspiration from Scottee & Friends' 'Queer Wall', located in Lismore Circus, and from it's prompt: "What if the Ignored Unite?"

Matty May, Associate Director Scottee & Friends gives the following as commentary on the wall and introduction to the Queering Camden digital exhibition:

In 2019 as part of Camden Alive, I lead a Scottee & Friends project called ‘The Queer Wall’, based in and around Lismore Circus. The project focused on queer representation, isolation and loneliness and we worked with queer artists who had connections to, or lived in Camden.


The large scale queer mural, designed & painted by Hannah Dickins (DiscoDickins) in bold and gawdy colours at the heart of an estate prompting us to question what would happen in we came together 'What if the ignored unite?'


Warboy & Stuart composed a track, in response to the wall, with a live performance by Adam Perchant, Young King Nico and Lux Templar.


I am so proud to be part of this work, to know that hundreds of young people will pass it each day feels significant. When I was growing up the closest I got to queer representation was seeing two men kissing on Eastenders. To be queer is a beautiful thing and to find ways to show and celebrate in this world is a duty.